Aduro 9 air

The air supply itself is concealed behind or beneath the stove. The optimum choice for very well-insulated homes. This is a timeless and elegant fixture for modern homes. Wood burning stoves need constant air supply to ensure a clean and efficient combustion process.

This, however, can be a problem in modern and energy efficient houses which often are very airtight.

There are more variants of this spare part – see if it fits. The latter of which is particularly suitable for low energy houses that are very well-insulated. Door een extern kanaal is het mogelijk om lucht toe te voeren.

Aduro wood burning stoves. Dit kanaal aangesloten worden onder de verbrandingskamer. Bovendien is dit externe kanaal afneembaar aan de . The direct air supply can be connected to the back or the base of the stove, depending on whether you wish the .

An impressively large glass area is achieved by adding side panes and minimising the bars between the glass in the door and the glass at the sides. Visual access to the living fire has been a crucial parameter all the way – so an efficient air -wash sys. This stove is also available with external air supply.

DEFRA Approved Stoves for Smoke Controlled Stove Areas Smoke-Controlled Stoves are DEFRA approved for use in smoke exempt urban, town and city zones. Since we have concrete inter- nal walls (with a lot of reinforce- ment), we could not use the cup drill from the inside. Instea we had to begin by drill- ing a lot of holes … Page 4. The actual air intake is concealed by installing it behind or below the stove. The obvious choice for anyone with a very airtight house.

Denne varianten er særlig velegnet til hus som er veldig tette. Ekstern lufttilførsel Peisovner må ha konstant lufttilførsel for å sikre en ren og effektiv forbrenning. Dette kan imidlertid være et problem i moderne og energieffektive hus, som ofte er svært tette. Free delivery on eligible orders of £or more. Takkauunit vaativat jatkuvaa ilmanottoa, jotta voidaan varmistaa puhdas ja tehokas palaminen.

Kamna mají na obou stranách spalovací komory velké prosklené otvory, které zajišťují maximální možnost pohledu na krásnou hru plamenů doslova ze všech stran. Oba boční skleněné průzory mají své vlastní oplachy . Styled with a sleek cylindrical steel body, this dedicated wood.

Er verfügt über eine externe Luftzufuhr und arbeitet umweltfreundlich. The only difference is that this model has an external air supply. The stove is designed so that the outside air .