Aer alpha

Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. Demo of using the AER alpha as a versatile amp for electric guitar when using a tube preamp with emulated. Watts plus the 8“-twin-cone speaker-system of the. Inputs each have their own gain knob.

Birch plywood cabinet provides great tone projection and is road tough. Shop with confidence on eBay! Especially developed for the enhancement of acoustic instruments, it is as well suitable for other (also electrical) instruments. Dont know how they do it.

I was impressed also with . I do not want sound too dark, and the AER alpha perfectly preserved the acoustic characteristics of the instrument, with good dynamics. Compared to its big brother , the compact 6 it seems to me less roun the more nervous I find it more. The manual is simple, but completely useless! There is nothing comliqué is not in . All AER -systems are subtly dynamically controlle which . Still, this is a quality so. AER is known for delivering the true, un-hyped sound of your guitar.

With its second XLR combo input, it can also accommodate a mic or second guitar. A professional, powerful and compact amplifier system for acoustic instruments that delivers a transparent and self-asserting sound performance. Two individual inputs on one channel allow parallel use of . ZT Lunchbox but that amp seriously lacked in . Feb New Blog entry with vid. High quality, portable Acoustic Combo.

It’s twin-cone speaker and watts of power deliver impressive warmth, transparency and power. Acoustic Guitar amplifier with lightweight plywood chassis – weighs only 6. Alpha Combo at Harmony Central.