Aermec manual

This product is the result of many years of experience and in-depth engineering research, and it is built using top quality materials and advanced technologies. In addition, the applied mark guarantees that our appliances fully comply with the safety requirements . Deliver the following instructions plus all the complementary documentation to the system user, who shall be responsible for keeping the instructions so that they are always available when needed. High discharge temperature.

Water differential flow switch.

Alarms with automatic reset with limited number of re-starts be- fore blocking. Change season from external contact. For further information please refer to user manual.

The chiller must be installed by a qualified and trained technician. Before beginning any operation, READ THESE. INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY AND CARRY OUT THE SAFETY CHECKS TO REDUCE ALL RISK OF . Caution: this product contains electrical and electronic equipment that may not be disposed of through normal municipal rubbish collection.

Normal wear of components and filter is not covered by the warranty.

The number of pages in this manual is: 76. Moreover, the CE mark guarantees that our appliances fully comply with the requirements of the . WiFi Controller for Air Conditioning control. The heart of air conditioning Brand values . Reversible heat pumps high efficency – Technical manual. PRODUCTION OF HOT WATER UP TO 65°C. If necessary, please contact the after- sales serviceman.

This wired controller is applicable to various kinds of air conditioners, while some specific functions unavailable to the duct type air conditioners will not be covered in this manual. Air conditioning units – TN series. Aermec partecipa al Programma.

Selection, installation, use and maintenance manual. This manual , together with the installation instructions , Íorms part oÍ the standard water chiller supply package. Please keeo it Íor Iuture reíerence. This manual illustrates the main lunctions oÍ lhe appliance and instructions Íor getting the best peíormance out oÍ your wateÍ chiller.

AERMEC kontrolpanel model AN.