Alcohol burner

An alcohol burner or spirit lamp is a piece of laboratory equipment used to produce an open flame. It can be made from brass, glass, stainless steel or aluminium. Alcohol burners are preferred for some uses over Bunsen burners for safety purposes, . A great addition to any lab in which a small burner is needed. Made of durable metal to prevent breakage.

The GSC Alcohol Burner with Dual Wicks is an all metal, permanent wick alcohol burner with a capacity 100ml tank.

The wick portion is a ceramic fiber inserted into a thin copper tube. This construction allows for . Split-sleeve wick adjustment . Find great deals on eBay for Alcohol Burner in Lab Burners and Hotplates. Extra-safe lab burners and butane burners also available. Great for lab experiments. Have some alcohol to burn?

The Solo Stove Alcohol Burner works great with the Solo Stove – the best selling wood burning compact backpacking stove.

Glass laboratory alcohol burners are globe-shaped vessels with an extra heavy molded glass base to add stability to the burner. The metal cap fits tightly to extinguish the flame and prevent evaporation of alcohol. Perfect for melting point glues. Keeps hands free for installing points. How to make alcohol burner stove for camping.

Check out my DIY and life hack channel for your next DIY. If you want to find others on eBay do a search on. A Simple copper coil alcohol stove you can make yourself.

Works great and would be perfect for cooking or. The polyhedral shape of this heavy-duty glass alcohol burner allows you to position the flame at just the right angle for different tasks. Comes with snuffer cap and one installed wick. Designed to burn pure alcohols such as denatured . Tip-resistant burners are made of heavy flint glass. The cap is used to extinguish the flame and prevent evaporation.

Each burner includes one wick. Wick replacements are available. Molded facets facilitate easy handling.

The threaded metal cap is fitted with a sealing gasket to help prevent leakage. The Alcohol Burner is a great backup fuel source and companion to the wood- burning Solo Stove (sold separately). When used inside the Solo stove, it boils faster due to the efficient airflow system. Available at REI, 1 Satisfaction Guaranteed. Wheaton 4borosilicate glass alcohol lamp with wick, metal wick holder, and cap to extinguish flame and prevent evaporation.

Low heat flame is well-suited for microscopy purposes. Its low-heat flame is well suited for microscopy purposes. The unit is supplied with a ground glass stopper. The reservoir holds 1mL of alcoh. These great burners come with a cap and long wick for years of service.

In rod building, alcohol burners are used for flaming finish to get flat finishes and remove air bubbles.