Backer element

Our specialty is our ability to customize almost any type of electrical heating element to meet a range of customer specifications. Heating elements , immersion heater, thermostats, energy regulators. Whatever your electric heat . Immersion products with various sheath materials for all water conditions.

Backer EHP Range Elements.

Based on more than a century of experience in the fiel we manufacture and sell heating products to the appliance industry. Our supply of variants and processed products is immense and the elements are used as heating source in different appliances, such as electrical water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines, boilers, coffee . The immersion heater can be fitted with thermostat, temperature limiter and connection box. There are also thermostats and temperature limiters for mounting inside the tubular element. As alternative we also offer immersion heaters made of ceramic elements.

Värmeprodukter med komponenter och system för elektrisk uppvärmning. North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

International Distributors. A heating element is fixed into the cast iron part with a design that guarantees an optimal heat transfer from the element. If you have any questions, please contact us.

It can be designed with different types of fins to fit all types of ra- diators. The heaters are easy to design for custom needs, with space saving solutions that can also be produced in different power densities. The heating systems are cost efficient, hygenic and can be designed for easy cleaning. You can use our heaters in . John Bragg Highway,Murfreesboro, TN. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders.

Holloway Drive, Wardley Industrial Estate. We produce highest quality elements for the major cookers and appliance manfacturers using the very best materials available and the latest manufacturing techniques developed over the last years. Monthly donation to element. This can lead to mold growth and damage to the tile installation and potentially other building elements. Some backer boards are not inherently waterproof, and a waterproof membrane is required to be installed behind (before board installation) or over (after board installation) the entire board—neither of which are . The order system offers numerous payment methods, currencies and languages.

Currencies other than EUR are converted at the current exchange rate plus.

Purchases by credit card are considered paid with the . Please note: Colour of polystyrene may vary depending in batch. ProWarm BACKER -PRO insulation boards are particularly . Oct Up for Sale is a New Range Burner part number MP21YA. This item is Brand New and Unused. The turns are how many times the coil goes around in a circle.

It has a Y style bracket. Main product technologies are tubular elements and flexible foil heaters. Production units in Sweden, Polan. Norway, the Czech Republic, .