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In particular, services and adaptation policies are installed and uninstalled on the fly. CARISMA can automatically trigger the adaptation of the deployed applications whenever detecting context changes.

CARISMA uses utility functions to select application profiles, which are used to select the appropriate action for a . It also assumes that the consumer is able to determine the expected service properties. It realises self-configuration and self-optimisation with the focus on real-time system capabilities. CARISMA is a mobile computing peer-to-peer middleware exploiting the principle of reflection to support the . Get your next interim service or full service from Kwik Fit and save on dealership prices. Protect your warranty with a manufacturer service.

It is intended to provision bandwidth on demand while ensuring Quality of Service (QoS) between IP networks. The CARISMA network (Fig. 1) implements the ASON architecture. Its transport plane is formed by three OADM capable optical nodes.

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