Clonex rooting gel

The ultimate rooting compound – relied on by professional and amateur horticulturists the world over to deliver successful propagation. Most will go within hours. Our prices are competitive but the service is Priceless! It is a thick and rigid gel which will remain in contact around the stem area, protecting and sealing the cut tissue while providing the hormones required to promote the development of root cells and nourishment to protect the delicate and . It is a tenacious gel which will remain in contact around the stem, sealing the cut tissue and supplying the hormones .

Reduces Stress of Cutting. Natural, organic veggies at home. Hydroponics indoor garden. Seals and protects cuttings. Clonex is a high performance rooting compound.

Free same day shipping on most orders. CLONEX Rooting Hormone Gel .

Contains a unique blend of hormones, anti-fungal agents, vitamins, and minerals in a highly tenacious and stabilized gel base. Great prices on your favourite Gardening brands, and free delivery on eligible orders. SIZES: 250ml, litre, litre, litre.

It contains rooting hormone at 0parts per million, the full strength required for explosive root development. It contains a full profile of nutrients and trace elements to nourish and empower the new plants. It is a gel – far safer than liquids or powders because it cannot splash or blow about. Unlike liquids and powders, . Applied to the stem at the cut, its formulation of hormones, v. Simply dip your clones into the gel before placing in a cube or plug – the stem of your plant will now be protected from infections and harmful bacteria until its roots emerge. Item package quantity: clonex rooting gel is one of the top performing industrypounds.

The rooting gel remains in contact around the plant stem, sealing cut tissue and supplies the required hormones to boost root cell development. The vitamins and hormone help to protect the delicate new root tissue while it is being . It is one of the best rooting gels on the market. Shop with confidence on eBay!

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IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCEIPREPARATION AND COMPANYlUNDERTAKING. A unique blend of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and hormones to promote root development. Good for most cuttings. Allows the home gardener to achieve professional propagation. Simple easy to use gel , no mixing require . It is registered with the EPA and approved for use on all plants, including food crops, in the United States, including Puerto Rico.

Gardeners just dip their cuttings in Clonex . It produces the fastest root in cloning. We offer all popular sizes at the best prices. Plantlightinghydroponics. Creating new plants through asexual propagation, or cloning, is a successful and widely used horticultural technique that allows plant growers and gardeners to reproduce faithful copies of a source plant, otherwise known as a mother plant. In this process, stem or leaf.

The single-use packaging is easy on the pocketbook and keeps the high- performance formulation of 3-indolebutyric acid and vitamin B-fresh until time of use. Each packet clearly details usage instructions.