Contura 500 serie

Contura 5Style wood burning stove is a development of our most popular models in the 5series. The lines are cleaner and the functions have been improved. The glass door gives a light, modern appearance, at the same time that the clean lines of the design allow the stove to blend into your home, whatever style you . This year, all classic series models are a little more stylish.

The series gets a cleaner look, new cast iron door with large glass area, door stop in the open position, longer handles that do not get hot and large sidelights. Whichever woodburner and whatever options you choose for your 5Style you now get the latest in design and function.

Wood burning fireplaces and stoves by Contura – one of the largest European manufacturers of wood burning fireplaces, stoves, log burners and fireplaces. Clean, curved shapes, quick heating, lots of options and large areas of glass that show a lot of . Choose the Contura 5Style stove if you want to position your stove in a corner. The large glass door spreads the light and heat around the room.

The Contura 5Style stove with cast iron door has been rejuvenated in style, with larger glass areas in the door and an even more efficient firebox. How to use your Contura 5wood stove in the best way. The 5series is one of the biggest sellers in the Contura range. With its clean lines, rapid heating capability and its value, but perhaps most of all because.

Conturas 500- serie är sedan många år en svensk storfavorit bland kaminer med sin höga kvalitet, klassiska look och CO2-neutrala eldning.

Med renare uttryck och en stor lucka i glas ger den ett lätt och modernt uttryck. I botten ligger samma svenska ingenjörskonst som tidigare . Uttrycket är renare och funktionerna har förbättrats. Luckan i glas ger ett lätt och modernt uttryck, samtidigt som de rena linjerna i designen gör att kaminen smälter in i ditt hem, oavsett vilken stil du föredrar. We now have products from the stunning new 8range on display, also 7range and 5range. The design and product development of Contura stoves occurs in Sweden, as does the assembly of all stove parts.

The stoves are quality controlled before leaving the factory in Markaryd. This gives us full control over the . De nieuwe modellen houtkachels zijn strakker, moderner én milieubewuster geworden en hebben een opvallend grote glazen deur. De 5Style serie bestaat uit de volgende modellen en uitvoeringen. Contur a 5al jarenlang de populairste kachel ter wereld.

Dat was onmiddellijk een succes en nu gaan we nog een stapje verder: alle modellen in de 500- serie worden Style. Lovely Contura 5series installation in Macclesfield today. Quickly becoming a best seller, this 5kw nominal stove looks the part in pretty much any. De Contura 5serie is al jaren ontzettend populair. Deze kachels warmen snel op en hebben een hoog rendement.

Door de grote ruit is optimaal vuurzicht gegarandeerd. Heeft u er een mooi centraal plekje voor? De 5serie heeft ook kachels met zijruiten voor nog meer zicht op het vuur.

Output – 3-9KW Efficiency – Weight – 1kg. The basic model in the 5series is the Contura 510. Its clean lines and functional design make this efficient source of heat the natural focal point in any home.