Dehumidifiers for indoor pools and damage service. Ventilation for private homes and swimming pools. Cooling solutions for Telecom. Aircons for mobile camps. Shelter and temporary housing.

Our products have been adopted as a NATO standard and . The company works both nationally and internationally, where they . Join LinkedIn today for free. The group companies have more than years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality and energy efficient equipment for heating, cooling, drying and ventilation for a wide range of mobile and fixed applications. It offers dehumidification, ventilation, and stationary and mobile cooling and heating equipment.

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Our range has been adopted as a NATO standard and we are acknowledged around the world for our extensive expertise. DTP develops clean energy backup power systems, utilizing . Category: Air handling unit with heat recovery. Heat exchanger: Recuperative. This certificate was awarded based . MCS is headquartered in Italy with subsidiaries in Polan Russia, Spain and China. MCS is a global supplier of portable equipment for heating, . The systems used for the SINE network will use PEM fuel cell stacks . During the first many years the product range mainly included warm air heaters, dehumidifiers and ventilation units.

Dantherm was founded by ejlert olsen in. All of these products are being produced in Denmark and sold all over the worl primarily in Europe, . Skive, Denmark with a fully integrated system for data capture and production control. The system is integrated with the ERP system and the test systems on the production lines.

The production plan is implemented by printing a barcode label for each device in a given order. Energy saving heat exchanger ventilation unit for deployable field camps.

AERIAL can now offer his customers more with a group of strong brands. Moreover, the hydrogen equipment lifetimes (i.e. fuel cell and electrolyser) are more predictable than batteries.