Deviheat 550

DEVI has developed the Devireg 5in order to make your floor heating system and the heating of your home as economical and environmen- tally friendly as possible. The DEVIreg 5is a programmable thermostat which means it is able to run your heating on a timed. This video will show you the different steps involved in setting up your DEVIreg.

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Optimum comfort – DEVI brings you the luxury and comfort of a warm floor as well as a pleasant room temperature. A radiator system throws heat up at head height which then travels further up to the ceiling only to travel downwards and return as a cold draft around your feet. DEVI underfloor heating provides appropriately . Do not cover the thermostat, e. Také naprogramování hospodárného poklesu teploty.

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ER physicians can now get this question answered . Power supply for the first time, your Devireg 5defaults to the factory pre-sets and will be display the word CODE. MAS (Master) : SLA (Slave). Devi recommends a Floor Sensor. De instelling van de nachtverlaging is eenvoudig. Note the small number at the bottom of the display and follow the procedures below.

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