Dimplex radiators

Incredibly durable, virtually silent and requiring no maintenance, most of our portable radiators have been BEAB approved and feature castors and integrated carry handles for added portability and ease of use. Find the right home electric heating and air treatment from Dimplex to create a welcoming home. These stylish heaters use a balance of radiant and convected heat to provide optimum comfort and . Dimplex North America is a world leader in residential heating products including , the new revolutionary Linear Convectors, electric baseboards, wall and panel heaters , storage heaters garage, workshop heaters , and outdoor heaters. During the cold winter months, electric heaters are more than a comfort, they are life-saving appliances.

Heaters range in size and voltage, allowing you to get the perfect amount of warmth your home needs.

Many features, such as a remote and timer, make using room . Dimplex Q-Rad electric heaters combines the latest, most advanced technologies to give you maximum control over your heating. A wide choice of heating solutions are available within the Dimplex range. Whether it is for your home or an office, or even a shop you want to keep warm, all of our Dimplex heaters are designed to serve your electric heating needs. Explore our selection to . Buy Dimplex Heaters at Screwfix.

Over the course of nearly years, Dimplex have earned themselves a proud reputation for continued investment in quality and innovation, having built a portfolio of some 7products for a public that wants attractively-designe efficient, reliable,. The new Dimplex SmartRad sets new standards for both new and retro-fit heating efficiency and represents the cutting-edge in high-efficiency radiator technology. These slimline, stylish, wall-mounte fan-convector units provide controllable, responsive and super-efficient room heating.

They provide a cost-effective . Thermostat control upright fanheater,2kW. Attractive in its cream finish, with integrated cord storage and . Glen Dimplex began life manufacturing oil-filled radiators , employing people. Buy today with free delivery. Quantum storage heater – Dimplex are the most advanced heaters available. Dimplex has over years of experience and an unmatched reputation for quality and reliability in creating comfort by design.

Offering an extensive range of portable electric heaters, Dimplex has set the standard in innovation. Dimplex Automatic Storage Heaters offer improved comfort, economy and ease of use. A sophisticated automatic charging system ensures that the correct charge is taken regardless of changing weather conditions, without the need for user adjustment.

At the heart of this system is a unique device call Twin SensorTM which . Find out more about the Dimplex OFRC20N Radiator in White. Impartial customer reviews and free delivery days a week with ao. SmartRad Radiators by Dimplex sets new standards for radiators used for central heating. This means that heat pump . Why not view our Dimplex Apollo range? It combines the benefits of high-comfort radiant panel heating with the added convenience of fixed rails for drying and airing towels.

Apollo is the ideal solution when towel drying . Free BIM objects from Dimplex.

FREE ventilation estimates. Official BIM object models from Dimplex using real world data authored to NBS standards. AKO direct heating devices.

With more than years of experience in the direct heating sector, the AKO brand stands for reliability, functionality and quality. Patented Oil Free Technology. Variable thermostatic control.

Neon indicator showing when the power is on. View our range of Dimplex electric heaters and oil filled radiators available at the lowest prices online. With its unique oil free heating technology the Dimplex 2kW OFRC20NTI Oil Free column heater provides more heat faster than a standard oil filled column radiator of the same heat output. We are a leading supplier of Dimplex Radiators within Ireland.

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