Dowcal 10

Available only in Europe, this fluid is used in waterbased HVAC systems to provide freeze and corrosion protection. It can also be used in chilling, freezing, and secondary . Dowcal Tech Data Sheet. Download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online.

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LVISK-nro, SAP-koodi, Kuvaus, Pakkaus. Vendor, ALGOL CHEMICALS OY. Thank you for your request! Your message has been sent! We will contact you as soon as possible. Refraktivt index nD (oC):. Ethanol C„H3OH bis 100. In a recirculating chiller, the liquid coolant (usually water) flows through the .

Note: In the following text, the term calculator refers to both heat meter calculator and cooling meter calculator, unless they are otherwise differentiated. Based on: Monoethylene glycol. INCI name: Parameters: Specification limits: Method: Reserve alkalinity, ml.

Enter product name or code. Lämpliga värmeöverföringsmedier för Retermia återvinning är t. Vätskan skall vara avsedd för VÅV -system och innehålla inhibitor avsedd för aluminium, koppar och järn. The item has been added . DUWGÅL lnhíberte, glykolbaserte. De las soluciones alcohólicas , la más utilizada es la mezcla del Metanol con agua , en razón del bajo coste de este alcohol. Los límites son la elevada viscosidad . Typ, E-nr, Beskrivning, Förpackning.

Najwyższa jakość, produkty firmy chemicznej Dow Chemical (USA). DOWCAL – na bazie glikolu propylenowego. También estos fluidos se suministran con paquetes inhibidores tales. Refer to the appropriate Safety Data Sheet for health, safety and environmental information.

Freezing point, vol solution (°C).

Description: Heat Transfer Fluid. However in some cases, the potential for contact with ground water or . FDA-approved in USA, corrosion protection less effective. For pharma-sector and food- production plants.

Syltherm XLT, Dow Chemical Corporation. M Fluorinert FC-7 C6F(FC-72) and C8F1 perfluorocarbon liquids, 3M Corporation. In Figure through Figure 12 .