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Ventilation för friskare luft och bättre inomhusmiljö. Fresh AB är branschledande och löser alla tänkbara ventilationsbehov i din bostad. Highquality heat recovery units, designed and manufactured in Sweden.

CF-seriesThe CF benefits ensuring the lowest possible energyconsumption, quiet operation and an exceptional p. Vi på Fresh Air har idéer, kunskap och erfarenhet som skapar de bästa förutsättningarna för en god inomhusmiljö – såväl i bostäder som på arbetsplatser. Swedish retail DIY outlets.

Fresh assembles its products at its own facility in Gemla, Sweden. In addition to Sweden , the Fresh brand is distributed to customers in Norway, Denmark, Finland and other countries. Intellivent – Intelligent, stylish ventilation. Förra året gick företaget med vinst. Det sitter lika många kvinnor som män i styrelsen.

Företaget har anställda och omsätter 19miljoner. On one important point you and your house are very similar – you both need to breathe to feel good. You may breathe instinctively, without even thinking about it , but your house often needs a little help with air exchange.

The Pax range of fans and supply air vents contains products that help you create a good air balance in. Maxi is manufactured in Sweden and developed to meet tough climate conditions. The clean and warmed fresh air flows into the room from over the upper edge of the radiator.

Acticon shall be a leading supplier of ventilation products for sustainable, healthy and safe indoor climate solutions for residences, work places and public areas. Ples of sweDish bUilDings with natUral ventilation Most new buildings in Sweden use mechanical ventilation , but there is a revival of natural ventilation in. The Hus Torkel building in Kovikshamn, Bohuslän, is ventilated with fresh air through three earthpipes, and the exhaust air is removed through a ventilation. Ansvarig Oliver Jansson år. Bokslut, styrelse, F-skatt, telefonnummer.

Fresh gas flows in retrograde fashion and combines with the exhaled gas. When the machine is placed in the manual mode of ventilation , the breathing bag is enabled and the reflector gas module is disabled. FLOW-i delivered preset tidal volume and maintained ventilation and circuit pressure at the same levels independently of ventilatory mode or fresh gas flow rate. In this line, the FLOW-i (Maquet, Solna, Sweden ) anesthesia ventilator has been recently developed based on the SERVO-i (Maquet, Solna, Sweden ) intensive . A true breath of fresh air.

Fläkten finns endast i ett utförande, med inbyggd allpolig brytare, timer.