Harvia vega manual

A basic heater of top class. The stainless steel outer casing of the heater gives your sauna a modern look. The operating switches are placed ergonomically in the upper part, on the side of the heater, which provides easy operating. Powerful package for a small sauna.

Vega is easy to mount on a . Harvia tarjoaa ratkaisut kaikenlaisiin saunoihin.

Jos suunnitelmissasi on uuden saunan rakentaminen tai saunaremontti, niin Harvian laajasta valikoimasta on helppo löytää tarpeisiisi sopivat kiuas, lauteet tai koko saunasisustus. Harvialta löydät tuotteet myös, jos suunnitelmissasi on infrasauna tai höyryhuone. Kerise roostevaba väliskorpus annab saunale moodsa ilme.

Juhtimisnupud on ergonoomilise paigutusega: kõrgel kerise küljel paiknevaid lüliteid on lihtne kasutada. A touch of luxury for your sauna. The flock-coated surface brings additional look to the stainless steel outer casing of the heater. The models BC45E, BC60E, BC80E and BC90E are controlled by a separate control unit (i.e.

Harvia C9 Griffin, Xenio). For more information please read manual. Electric heater technical details .

ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS (Norway, Belgium). The heater is made of stainless steel. This provides easy operation and accuracy. One control is the Thermostat Control and the other is the Timer Control which sets the actual bathing time.

This model requires seperate control panel ( with thermostat) and is made for both private and less public saunas. Download the pdf Harvia electric sauna heaters. Models BC23E and BC35E are controlled by a separate control unit (i.e. Harvia C9 Griffin, Xenio). Please select the options you require from the . Necessary amount of stones: kg.

With its help, the sauna ca be used as a traditional Finnish sauna, steamroom, herb sauna or aroma sauna. The product is available in automatic or manual versions. Because of the symmetrical design, there is no need to change the handedness of the heater – it is simply selected. Det rostfria ytterhöljet på aggregatet ger din bastu ett modernt utseende.

Heaters for large and commercial saunas. Topné tìleso se nesmí pou¾ívat k ¾ádnému jinému úèelu. Záruèní doba, poskytovaná na topná tìlesa a ovládací zaøízení pou¾ívaná v saunách a vyu¾ívaných rodinami, je dva (2) roky.

BC45E, BC60E, BC80E, BC90E. Saunová kamna Harvia Vega.

Pokyny k montáľi a pou¾ití elektrického topného tělesa do sauny. Návod na montáľ a pou¾itie elektrických saunových kachieĺ.