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Accessories like drainage pump, external hygrostat and wall brackets put the finishing touch to the Munters MK dehumidifiers. The dehumidification as such takes place in the cooling coil(evaporator) of the dehumidifier following the principle of a water trap. An axial fan pulls ambient air through a coil cooling the air below . For more flexibility the dehumidifier is equipped with a two step process air fan. The built in hygrostat allows to adjust the relative humidity, depending on the application, and so run the dehumidifier in an extremely energy efficient mode.

The wheels increase flexibility on the job.

Even a stationary installation is possible by . This unit only requires standard power and features options for a humidistat , a damage resistant cage, wall mounting and easily adapted round duct connections. Applications include research facilities with test chambers, long term dry storage facilities such as archival applications, ammunition storage, seed storage, etc. A built-in pump additionally aids water drainage.

RHlevereras komplett med. All Munters dehumidifiers are based on the rotor technology specially developed by Munters , which provides high moisture-absorbing capacity. The flexible design and good.

Hygrostat til Munters affugter mm.

Standard version not available with humidistat socket. MUNTERS PRODUCT INFORMATION. Process and reactivation air. The MH2desiccant dehumidifier is designed to efficiently dehumidify air.

It is designed for extended periods of opera- tion and has a common fan . Benytt Munters hygrostater som gir dere full kontroll på fuktigheten. Dantherm er hovedforhandler av Munters i Norge. Bredt utvalg og god rådgivning gir alltid et godt resultat.

The DryCool ERV unit not only provides the required ASHRAE ventilation volumes but also monitors and controls the space at design moisture levels via a space humidistat. The DryCool ERV is not a new product for Munters , but they have recently made some modifications to the design, making the latest . Hur kan HygroPro göra min. Fungerar HygroPro tillsammans med Munters HomeDry Original?

Vi har nu fått svar från . The integrated controller can be equipped with a hygrostat (optional) which automatically turns the units on when dehumidification is needed. Utförlig instruktion medföljer. Med MGkan man även spara energi vintertid i sommarstugan genom att sänka luftfuktigheten och därmed hålla lägre temperatur.

MGblåser in torr och värmd luft.

Highly accurate reliable components – capacity control with precision. Operator panel compliance IP54. Munters MDR is a new line of refrigerant dehumidifiers, specially designed for both.