The MFR 0electromechanical hygrostat is designed to control the relative humidity inside enclosures. When connected to an enclosure heater ( dehumidifier), it will energize the heater at the humidity set point in order to raise the dew point. This helps prevent damage and malfunction of electronic components caused by . The electromechanical hygrostat is designed to control enclosure heaters so that the dew point is raised when a critical relative humidity of is exceeded. In this way condensation and corrosion in .

Hygrostat definition, an instrument for measuring and controlling humidity. The MFR 0is designed to control the relative air humidity inside of enclosures. The relative humidity is raised above the dew point and condensation on assemblies or electronic components is avoided.

The MFR0is designed to control the relative air humidity inside of enclosures. The LED integrated in the adjustment knob on the . Temperature Hysteresis, °C, 2. Relative Humidity Hysteresis, , 5.

NO at 250Vac resistive loa A, 10. If the humidity exceeds the setpoint on the rotary knob, the Gira hygrostat switches on an externally connected fan to dehumidify the room. In the process, the device treats the setpoint dynamically, i. The continuous improvement of our products can cause some variations in this non contractual document even without notice.

This mechanical hygrostat KFR0is preset at or. This makes it easier to install hygrostats. If the hygrostat is set at a value that is too low, the heating fan runs too frequently and thus produces large energy losses, or if the hygrostat is set . Hygrostat from the JUMO humidity and temperature sensors collection.

Log-in or register for your pricing. Hygrostat – The operation of humidifiers with a hygrostat is recommende as the desired humidity in the room can be adjusted. The hygrostat ensures its automatic maintenance as long as there is suffi.

Year Hassle Free Guarantee. Mechanical changeover hygrostat. The Hygrostat AFS-Gserves as a two-position controller to regulate relative humidity indoors or in air ducts.

The moisture sensing element in the sensor comprises several strips of plastic fabric each with fibres of μm diameter. These plastic fibres undergo a special process to acquire hygroscopic properties, this .

A hygrostat is a device used for regulating the relative humidity of an enclosed space. A hygrostat contains a sensor that detects a preset level of humidity (user selected) and is connected to a heater that is turned off and on as needed in order to keep the humidity at this preset level. According to the adjusted humidity, the . English dictionary definition of hygrostat.

Hygrostats from the FLZ series switch on control cabinet heaters or filterfans when a preset relative humidity is exceeded. Storage temperature: 94x54xmm. Description: Change-over hygrostat for rail technical drawing. Das Feuchtigkeitsmesselement des Sensors besteht aus Kunststoffgewebebändern mit hygroskopischen Eigenschaften.

Durch die Aufnahme von Wasser ändert sich die Struktur . Hygrostat je přístroj, který spíná nebo reguluje spotřebiče v závislosti na vlhkosti. Podle nastavené hodnoty vlhkosti přístroj sepne nebo vypne ovládaný výstup. Pro měření vlhkosti se používají vlhkoměry (neboli hygrometry nebo řidčeji hygroměry). Jednotka vlhkosti se udává v RH (relativní vlhkost).

Built-in hygrostat in the intake enables precision drying. Interchangeable plate on the dry air side means flexible tube connectors. Latest, maximum-performance ECODRY rotors.

Up to less power consumption with the same dehumidifying performance as conventional units without ECODRY rotors. The transmitters in the HSseries are progressive transmitters for accurate measurement of relative humidity and temperature and can convert these to psychrometric parameters as required by the application concerned.