Ir radiator

The IR radiators discussed here are technically constructed units designed for the purpose of transferring as much of the input energy (electricity, natural gas) as possible into warmth which is delivered by a radiating surface. Independent of the design of the IR radiator the target always is that a maximum amount of emitted . Two LA-1units can be mounted together horizontally or vertically, doubling the power of your system without . INFRARED RADIATOR Basic I. There are included mounting brackets for mounting the radiator to the .

Radiator without light, purchase, finnish saunas, Basic I. The radiators are used to provide reliable infra-red coverage from small meeting rooms up to very large conference halls. DIR Digital IR Audio Distribution System . Brackets for mounting on a ceiling and a floor stand are include simplifying installation. Adjustable radiator angle ensures maximum coverage. Attractive and stylish design.

Send reliable infrared signals in a lightweight package.

Automatic gain control ensures the IREDs (infrared emitting diodes) function with maximum efficiency. Power output selection for . With a corresponding IR – transmitter up to. FM quality can be transmitted simultaneously to the radiator. IRad and be emitted in a frequency range within band II and band IV.

Compact and elegance appearance. Super strong emissive ability achieves 50m (25w) and 30m (15w). Electric short wave infra-red radiator with higher power yield. Kanthal Infra-red heater is a new generation. The element is made of MoSiwire known from many high temperature heating processes in different industriers . Line-of-sight, low-bandwidth telemetry and communications.

The Iris EF radiator belongs to the latest generation of infrared system high power radiators for the wireless Iris audio system. An electrical signal supplied from the Iris TS infrared control unit is converted into infrared light invisible to people and radiated into the room. Infrared radiator for IR warming cabins.

Full spectre IR radiator with high-performance quartz glass emitter.

Completely with durable housing, protective grill and pre-mounted cable. For domestic and commercial use.