Nitesite wolf

If rabbiting, foxing and plinking pigeons is your thing, then having the ultimate night vision hunting gear is a. We continue our on going mission to revolutionise night hunting through our innovative range of infrared night vision products designed to meet the requirements of all types of hunter. The VIPER for short range hunting, WOLF for medium range targets and the ultra powerful EAGLE for long range strikes are trie tested and . It utilises infrared in a unique way making it more affordable, . Genuine Nite Site Product.

Indee from opening the carry case to hunt ready status takes just seconds once you are familiar with the set up. Medium range strike scope mounted night vision system. Nitesite Wolf Rtek Night Vision Scope Mounted Laser Rangefinder Combo. Much like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers they all have animal names with the Viper , Wolf , Wolf Power plus and Eagle models. However, all offer a common theme in that they can convert any existing rifle scope into a night sight in minutes.

There are four products in the scope mount range for you to enjoy. The Nitesite scope mount product converts your day rifle combo into a night vision system, which is quick and simple .

Providing maximum versatility and a huge advantage to the night hunter. NiteSite Lithium-ion battery packs. The second add-on to your existing day scope makes the . Airgun store specializing in high end pcp, spring piston and COair rifles and pistols for all your shooting needs! Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. It has three infrared illuminators (invisible to people and animals) to light up the target area in front of where the rifle scope is aiming, allowing clear target identification up to . Princip fungování přístroje je velice sofistikovaný a uzpůsobený k lovu, jeho hlavní . Hitta bästa pris och läs omdömen – vi hjälper dig hitta rätt.

Razendsnelle montage en haarscherp beeld! A UK company with a Queens award for Enterprise, their innovations are led by customer feedback and that is why we now have the Dark Ops range. Dette gir en klar målidentifikasjon . Rækkevidde op til 3meter. Kan bruges på alle riffeltyper Ingen omgivende lys nødvendig.

The IR illuminator module sits above . Do you need help with this item?

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