Nordica santa ana

Believe it or not, but Santa Anna was a famous war chief of the Comanche Tribe known for his affable demeanor, yet ruthless tactics against migrating Anglos during the migratory periods of the early 19th century. It might seem like a bit out of left field in the realm of modern day skiing, but the Nordica Santa Ana , at a . With the Nordica Santa Ana Skis you can rest assured that regardless of conditions, you brought the right skis. Built for aggressive and experienced gals, the Nordica Santa Ana Skis have a stiff flex and damp feel that will not only charge through cut up snow, but also deliver a strong and reliable edge on hardpack.

With the narrowest profile in the collection, it loves making fluid turns on groomers—yet it can still make you smile on a powder day. A balsa wood core with carbon sandwiched between two sheets of metal minimizes weight and ensures . Crafted for women who ski the entire mountain, it provides a smooth and powerful ride. The redesigned balsa wood core . Playful, light, and powerful the Santa Ana collection is designed for women who ski the entire mountain. The Nordica Santa Ana was a new addition to our test group this year, and we were happy to have it. It still has two sheets of titanal that provide vibration dampening and stability, but the overall weight . At the core of the ski is balsa woo a super lightweight material.

The top-selling Santa Ana from Nordica is back again this season as a perfect ski for strong skiing ladies who want power, versatility and total cont. A 93mm waist floats in the powder, powers. PLAYFUL BUT STABLE – LIKE YOUR BEST FRIEND. MAYBE A LITTLE MORE STABLE ACTUALLY.

A lively freeski for females who want hard snow performance combined with soft snow flotation. Its balsawood core provides a stable metal like feel for hard snow conditions, while its unique lightness increases flotation and playfulness in soft snow. As the twin sister of the award winning Nordica Enforcer, the Nordica Santa Ana shreds in all conditions. From groomers to powder . Now with two sheets of titanium, this ski rides like a high performance ski, but with the added lightweight advantage of the balsa core.

With mm underfoot, this All Mountain ski carves like a machine but is equally . See why ski testers ranked it so highly.