Purmo radiators

It is available in white, colour or chrome plated. Classic Confident and understate the classic. Two bottom and four side G½ threaded female connectors allow for bottom or side connection.

The radiator is also equipped with a built-in thermostatic Oventrop valve insert . With straight lines and quality finishing, the Compact is a sleek asset to both traditional and contemporary interiors.

The PURMO radiators are intended for applications in forced circulation heating systems with black steel, copper or plastic piping with diffusion barrier where water is used as heating medium. They can be used in both single and double- pipe systems. These radiators can also be installed in gravity fed systems, but with . Installation of two new purmo rads with mistral thermostatic rad valves. Trading Depot supplies three types of the Compact Radiators range – as per the bottom of this page.

The vertical profile is 33mm and this in combination with the convection fins gives high performance, . The large convector plate within the design means that heat is expelled across a greater surface area, distributing heat more effectively . The PURMO Compact radiators is one of the most energy efficient designs on the market.

This ensures maximum comfort during temperature fluctuations. This gives you the freedom to heat individual rooms or areas within your home. Panel radiators PURMO Compact is designed to be used for heating residential, office, service and other premises in which there is no harmful corrosive effect of substances contained in the air, and there is no permanent or periodic moistening of the radiator surface. Sort by price: low to high, Sort by price: high to low. The Compact is our most popular and best selleing radiators in North America.

Purmo Compact Convector Radiator. From small to large, all are beautifully designed and finished. We understand that heat- ing solutions are not only a means to provide the perfect indoor climate in every room year-roun but also serve as an integral part of the look and feel of your indoor world.

Ecostyle Radiator Panels Provide exceptional radiant heat while adding style to a home. Radiant heat acts like the sun, heating objects and people, not just air. This even warmth minimizes cold spots and drafts throughout the home. Recommended by Gas Safe Central Heating Ltd.

Investments Rettig Heating Group are among the largest in the history of Polish- Finnish, which places our company among the most important foreign investors in Poland. Currently Rettig Heating Group is the largest manufacturer of radiators in Europe. You can filter these products by selecting a futher category option below.

Many of its products are manufactured in the UK and are available through over 2merchants nationwide, often from stock. The design is enhanced by top grille and side .

Steel panel radiators in PURMO Compact with Prof. With the cover plates on the sides and the top of the grid type radiator cover. Four connection openings with internal thread allows the installation of the connection and the heating radiator the right . Product is possible from exposition. Please contact us before making purchase.

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