Reversible micro usb

Although a Micro – USB port has a slightly trapezoidal shape that would seem. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Flip it this way or that. The symmetrical connector seamlessly fits and works either way. Mar Dealing with charging cables is just a part of modern day life.

First, you can never seem to find one when you need it.

No more fumbling to plug in your micro USB devices. A reversible Micro – USB cable that is long overdue for Android handset users. Charging Data Cable sale online store at wholesale price. Compatible with millions of devices with micro USB connection.

Plugs-in correctly every time on the first try. Design : The USB and the Micro USB connectors are fully reversible and can be plugged in both ways up and down. Turtle Brand Qualcomm Quick Charge 3. Connect your device with this . Unfortunately, the irritating thing .

The work flawlessly in all of my Android devices as well as my Bluetooth devices. My home has wireless charging everywhere but for guests who needed faster charging, I have charging stands. Gbps, though their biggest benefit . While the USB Type-C allows reversible plugs,. But USB -C is a relatively rare plug yet , and all the legacy devices out there still use plain-vanilla USB and micro USB. Is there hope for those of us stuck in the USB stone age?

Reversible Micro to Reversible USB Cable, BlitzWolf 3. Buy the latest reversible micro usb GearBest. This cable delivers more functionality than your standard micro USB cable by removing all the guesswork out of plugging in your devices. Stronger wire cable than the usual since it can withstand kilos of force tugging. Has a hexagonal shape that lets you connect on both of its sides, whichever orientation you insert. The port is extra strong as well, ensuring good conductivity and connectivity . There are quite a few manufacturers who claim to have reversible micro USB cables, but many of them fit too tightly.

The precision required to get quality reversible micro USB plugs is high, and of . Never again waste time plugging in a USB with this reversible Micro USB cable. Plug in your cables first time, every time Avoid the frustration of finding the correct way to plug in your cable Charge your devices quickly with rapid charging Always stay connected with a . Sep The word “finally” is used far too often on technology blogs, by tech PR, and even by reporters covering tech for big newspapers. Its slim profile allows you to charge and sync with any case on your device.

Still, you can at the very least get the reversible factor using the right cable.