Soto stove

Shop with confidence on eBay! Meticulously engineered and crafte the 2. WindMaster includes stove body, TriFlex (3-prong pot support), carry bag. A stealth igniter inside the burner post is resilient to breaks.

A review of the Soto Micro Regulator Backpacking Stove by Krik for Black Owl Outdoors.

Gear editor Kristin Hostetter reviews a tiny but powerful camp stove. Unique raised ledge at the crown of the burner head and concaved burner surface increase performance under windy conditions. Spring-loaded pot supports are engineered for easy set up. Stove Type ‎: ‎Canister Stoves Weight ‎: ‎0.

SOTO have won editors choice awards and set a new standard for micro Regulator Technology. Fuel Type ‎: ‎Canister Weight ‎: ‎2. The Soto Amicus is a small, relatively lightweight, relatively inexpensive upright canister stove.

There are dozens of such stoves available on the market today. How is the Amicus any different from any other stove ? Der extrem leichte und kleine Gaskocher ermöglicht durch sein Micr. SOTO , based in a small town in Japan, has meticulously engineered and carefully tested every outdoor stove and camp kitchen product they create so you can enjoy the best nature has to offer.

A great ultralight canister stove with a built in igniter that performs beautifully in a wide range of temperatures. Micro Regulator Stove – Mit seiner konstanten Brennleistung ist der Micro Regulator Stove von Soto selbst bei -5°C noch einsatzfähig. Boils water incredibly fast, no need to worry when the wind picks up! Due to its unique regulator the OD-1. Tagen – Newly developed micro regulator maintains consistent output in cold weather.

Proprietary stealth lgniterinstalled. Invisible part is installed inside the burner post and head for increased simplicity and improved ignition. The system also protects the igniter. Hyper surface Burner Head effeciently heats pan. Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders.

The Micro Windscreen is designed exclusively for the OD1R Micro Regulator stove and is designed to prevent incomplete combustion in windy weather conditions and provide more efficient cooking experience.

The Amicus Stove and Cook Set Combo from Soto is a fantastic combination for lightweight camping. It offers a complete set of stove and pans, with foldable handles, that nest together to create an easily transportable package. With a powerful output and Stealth Igniter the stove will have you munching on your outdoor feast . Für hervorragende Feineinstellung der Flammenstärke. Der Micro-Regulator Stove verfügt über eine verfeinerte Regler-Bauart, weshalb man im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Artikeln den Griff zur Einstellung der Flammenstärke weiter drehen muss, damit Gas ausströmt. Choose the pot support that best meets your need.

Simply replace the pot support depending on the need. The single- burner SOTO micro regulator stove weighs just 2. The micro regulator helps maintain consistent output in cold weather and maximizes fuel efficiency. With an 8-ounce canister of fuel, the stove can burn for about an hour and a half.