Swegon gold rx

Certified Passive House Component. Manufacturer: Swegon Operations AB. Product name: GOLD RX Series. This certificate was awarded based on the following criteria:. Easy-to-use control system in the GOLD air handilng units.

Outdoor air Supply air Extract air Exhaust air.

For on-site transport, the. Swegon följer noggrant utvecklingen i såväl ventilationsbranschen som omvärlden i stort och för att möta morgondagens krav på energieffektivitet, flexibilitet och komfortkrav lanseras nu en helt ny generation. Combining both unit and controls optimization, GOLD provides unparalleled energy efficiency levels, reliable operation, and fast commissioning.

The GOLD SD model includes a run around coil for . This state-of- the-art technology is widely recognized in Europe and is now here in North America. This variant of GOLD houses a complete, installed and fully integrated reversible heat pump. We use refrigerant R410A and the refrigerant circuits are pre-charged in our factory. At external pressure: 3Pa.

Available external pressure (with installed filters):, 2Pa.

Sound level of unit: – dB(A). Climate zones: Cool, temperate . GOLD PX air handling units with with plate heat exchangers. GOLD RX ROTORLU GOLD RX modeli rotorlu ısı geri kazanım eşanjörüne sahiptir.

Bütün GOLD serisi EUROVENT sertifikalıdır. Rotorlar standart alüminyum ve sorption olarak iki farklı tipte SWEGON fabrikasında üretilmektedir. Solutions for energy efficiency. Maximising energy recovery and minimising energy use. Customisability, plannability and usability.

On the next page we explain how this is done! For detailed product data, see our Quick Guide at swegon. Komplett filtersett til Gold Består av. Por ello GOLD es única en el mundo, ya que se trata de la primera unidad de ventilación con capacidad para grandes caudales de aire . Other equipment to the extent required:. Centrala wentylacyjna parter . Helios KWL Ventilation unit with heat recovery : – eff.

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