Swegon ibis

Air above or below room temperature can be supplied to the room. The rotatable discs can be set in an infinite number of ways to vary teh distribution pattern between horizontal and vertical air distribution. Fried School Lunch Taste Test Ft. Duct diffuser with discs for supply air.

A 2-star hotel with 5-star acclimatisation.

The highest degree of comfort in combination with a low budget hotel can only be achieved with the best possible energy efficiency to keep the operating costs at a minimum. Contact the manufacturer directly to receive a quote. The diffuser face is equipped with aerodynamically shaped discs that are rotatable. The air diffuser has size 2mm dia.

IBIS ist für konstante und . We are all happy about the jointly designed climate system. Technical Information section of the catalogue under Acoustic Data. Kattohajotin ja liitäntälaatikko ALSc.

Swegon hotel solutions standard. SWEGON CEILING COLLECTION -HAJOTTAJAT. Varustettuina QUICK ACCESS -toiminnolla. Kattoon ripustettava pyöreä suutinkanava tuloilmalle.

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Date: Week from Wednesday 24th till Sunday 28th of Location: Royal Primerose Club of Brussels. An international tennis tournament for worldwide highly talented boys and girls, born in. Contacte directamente el fabricante para obtener un presupuesto y conocer los puntos de venta.