Vermont castings aspen

If you have a problem with the stove not getting air properly. It looks quite nice, but it has a basic design flaw that prevents it from burning properly with the door closed. The inlet air goes in in.

For use in the United States and Canada. Shop with confidence on eBay!

Vermont Castings Aspen Review! Unbiased review of the pros and cons of this wood stove. When every element is meticulously crafte quality speaks for. Heating Capacity: 6sq. Compact yet strong, the Aspen wood stove adds warmth and style to intimate spaces.

Incorporating a convenient hotplate top – ideal for keeping a pot simmering away! ASPEN Non-Catalytic Wood Burning Stove. In fact, the low height of the Aspen is perfect for stove installations and the I.

Our stoves are made from 1 recycled materials, and production . Coated Ceramic Glass provides warm, radiant heat while offering a view of the . Includes ash pan, glass in door and automatic the. Small stove with big stove features. Low height allows for easy fireplace installation.

Timeless cast iron styling with a furniture- quality finish. Built-in ash pan for trouble-free ash removal. North-south orientation for easy . Yes, the primary air inlet does clog up if neglecte however a quick shot of . Get the proven performance of cast iron , . Big stove benefits in a compact package!

Unique narrow shape means small rear clearances. It’s lower height makes it easy to install into fireplace settings. Perfect for those looking for a smaller . It is equipped with automatic thermostatic operation and the glass is infrared coated to prevent the glass from discolouration during operation. A small cooking plate on the top of the stove . Cast iron construction with 5.

As this primary combustion air .