Wilo pump manual

Notice de montage et de mise en service. Inline cast iron pump housing. Further operating modes for saving energy.

The control mode and the differential pressure setpoint at Ap-c for constant differential pressure, Ap-v for variable differential pressure and pre-setting the constant speed can be set easily and safely, di- rectly at the pump. Installation And Operating Instructions Manual. Depending on customer wishes, .

Di erential pressure, temperature-controlled: p–t. The manual control mode deactivates the control in the module. This value is merely an indicator of general trends. The speed of the pump can be set manually to a constant value between. A flow value is not output on every type of pump.

System topology: DESIGO V2. Siemens Building Technologies. FlRateRlb: Flow rate (Q) and pump head (H). Connecting cable for double pump interface.

RO Instrucţiuni de montaj şi exploatare. NOTE: Useful information on using the product. It also draws attention to . After the bleeding process, the desired control mode and the delivery head on the pump must be selected and set in order to the put the pump into operation. Incorrect installation and . Complete circulation pump.

Description and function. For safe pump operation, observe these instructions and the data and markings on the pump. Observe local regulations where the pump is installed.

Highlighting Safety instructions used in this manual : instructions. Danger: Indicates a danger to life due to electrical current. Warning: Indicates a possible danger to . Threaded connection: (Rp ½), (Rp ¾), (Rp 1), (Rp 1¼).

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