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Furthermore, a wide selection of pump housings is available as standard. The flexible equipment of the pumps with different controllers makes them into an all- round . It is the perfect solution for replacing standard pumps, because no additional balancing is needed. The Yonos PARA High Flow is the latest technology from Wilo OEM. Einbau- und Betriebsanleitung en Installation and operating instructions fr.

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The Wilo – Yonos PARA sets the standard for energy-saving solutions required for integrated hydraulic systems. High Efficiency pump for heating application. Threaded connection DN (2 30: also available ). HVAC OEM Competence Centre.

Glandless circulation pump with cast iron pump housing and threaded. The remote controller sends a PWM signal as an actuating variable to the. Equipped with a self-controlled Red button or externally PWM control, the Wilo – Yonos PARA.

The PWM signal generator gives a periodic pulse order to the pump.

Inline cast iron pump housing. OVENTROP-High-efficiency pump Wilo – Yonos PARA as replacement for Regufloor Item no. Free delivery on eligible orders of £or more. ECmotor with automatic power adjustment and self-protecting modes.

Operation by Red Knob technology or remote control via external PWM signal. Can be used for all heating, . Replacement pump hea Wilo Yonos Para RS7. Please login to view our prices. Suitable for Easyflow MCCS solid fuel charging set . Shop with confidence on eBay!

Differential pressure ∆p-c. The required differential pressure is kept at a contact level within the permissible flow range to set the differential pressure up to the maximum characteristic. During the commissioning of the system, it is advised to vent properly.

A helpful tool is the venting function. KOMPAT DN – KM3-1is a unit suitable for heating systems. It has a 3- way mixing valve controlled by a rotary electric actuator and is connectable to any type of controller.

The valve has bypasses: – upper bypass (plant side): takes a part of. Power supply extreme conditions.

Pump during start up, minimum . PWMsolar high- efficiency pump distance 130mm. Connection 1” of cast iron body. Click on image to enlarge .